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About The Artist


I was raised in Iran and came to the United States at age 14 where I took every art class offered at my high school. After undergraduate studies at Brown University in History and Art History, I received a Masters of Architecture from Columbia University. Although I practiced architecture for almost 30 years, I transitioned to a full-time artist in 2016.

I have had the good fortune to study art under several prominent artists and teachers and have exhibited my work at local venues in St. Louis and the Washington, DC area. I have served as a volunteer curator at a local café that I designed in Washington, DC in 2016 and as a volunteer at the Iranian American Community Center in Northern Virginia. I love to encourage other artists because I feel everyone’s hidden talents need to be nurtured. I offer collage and painting workshops in my barn studio where I am so happy to bring artistic friends together. Sometimes I customize these workshops for private groups celebrating a birthday or other special event.


From the start of my art career I pledged to donate 10% of all the proceeds from sales to refugees. I primarily support Project Turquoise and the International Rescue Committee as well as other local organizations working in the Washington, DC area such as Lutheran Services.

- Photo Credit - Maleknaz Freidouni

Artist Statement

I am inspired by so many things around me -- particularly by the ideas behind words, letters, calligraphic art, the lyrics of songs, the titles of songs, Persian poetry and the poetry of other languages. The shapes of letters, the way paint or other materials interact with the surface, this interplay is what keeps me exploring. I aim to explore that space between intention and surrender. Moving forward with a strong idea, I try to stay loose enough for happy accidents to happen on my canvas.

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Sima's Solh before shipping.jpg


I have completed several commissions for wonderful clients and friends and really enjoy the process. It involves a bit of faith, but here is a glimpse into how it works:


We discuss which of my pieces have “spoken” to you. And you share with me photos of the location where you might possibly hang the art (if this is an issue for you).


Based on our initial conversation, I complete one or two small studies to look at colors and compositions that might please you. After hearing your feedback, I get to work on the actual piece, checking in with you at least once along the way so you can voice any concerns. If you really don’t like the direction it is going in, you aren’t under any obligation to purchase the piece. I like to think that if I like it, there is someone out there that might like the piece too! It is important that we all love it. And I aim to paint a piece that you will love.

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