for the cookware company OurPlace

In 2020 Parinaz was commissioned by the innovative cookware company, OurPlace, to design the calligraphy for their limited edition platter commemorating Persian New Year and the cooking of Tahdig, a favorite crusty bottom to Persian rice. The words "Noosheh Joon" appear on the platter - this means "nourish the soul" and is used by Iranians to say bon appétit. 



IN Series Opera, Washington, DC

In 2019, a local innovative Opera company, the INSeries Opera, asked Parinaz to collaborate on the scenic painting for their original opera Handel’s “The Tale of Serse” which had been modified by the director to feature the poetry of Rumi. Parinaz created a backdrop to the magnificent opera with the words of Rumi in their Persian calligraphic form. These panels symbolized the leaves on a tree, the central theme of this Opera’s most famous Aria (Ombra Mai Fu). The press coverage in the Washington Post was very positive and a local NPR station featured Parinaz and the director, Timothy Nelson in discussion about this innovative opera and set design.


As the Volunteer Director of Arts Programming at the Iranian American Community Center for almost two years, Parinaz organized community, student and individual art exhibits and initiated the first annual Norooz Bazaar featuring the art and crafts of local artists in the metropolitan Washington, DC area.

Parinaz has always had an interest in teaching art and architecture. She taught graphics and studio design at the Washington University School of Architecture as well as the Catholic University School of Architecture for five years.In 2015 Parinaz was invited by the McLean Project for the Arts to design a booth named "Art in Architecture" for their annual ArtFest. Visitors to the booth were given a mini architecture design exercise in order to understand scale, structure and other design issues. It was so well received that the booth was repeated again for the ArtFest's 10th anniversary in 2016.

McLean Project for the Arts